Our Work

In Germany

Since the founding of our congregation in 1838, nursing has been one of our core tasks. Additionally we are also active in educational fields. In 2001 der Stiftung der Cellitinnen e. V. was founded; the various charitable institutions of our congregation were handed over to "der Stiftung der Celltinnen e.V." which continues the work according to our spirituality. Due to their age, our sisters in Germany are no longer actively working, but they continue to support our apostolate as much as they can; for example in pastoral care for the sick and elderly.

In our medical and therapeutical facilities about 25,000 in-patients and 40,000 out-patients are treated and cared for annually. The homes and centres for the elderly provide care for about 1,100 residents every year. In addition to these multi-facetted tasks, there is an involvement in a 'kindergarten' and a nursing-school.

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In India

Similar to Germany, the main task of our Indian province is serving the needy and the sick; with a particular mention for the services of the leprosy colony "HARSHA NAGAR" for about 90 families. In addition to this work in the medical sector, the sisters also maintain boarding houses - including ones for children of prisoners. Their work also includes social and pastoral services for people in rural areas and for prisoners.

Contrary to the conditions in Germany, our Province in India has less of a problem with people finding their vocation in becoming a religious sister. At present we have 12 novices, 6 postulants and 11 candidates. This means that new mission-stations can be founded to meet the immense need of the people in this sub-continent.

Some of the Indian sisters are working in various facilities of the Cellite foundation in Germany.

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