We are happy to receive any contributions which support our work for the poor and sick - in particular in India. We would like to introduce three projects of our sisters in India which serve as examples of our services.

Help and support for the Adivasi

The St. Augustine Social Service Society invites you to join in our vital work among the Adivasi...


Caring for children of prisoners

The children are growing up somewhere with relatives - distained and only supplied with the absolute necessities. There is a great danger that they too will become criminals at an early age and then at some point will end up where their parents were, or still are.

We are trying to support these children and give them a home. Excellent therapists are assisting us in this demanding task.

Our aim is to provide the children with a generally normal life and to give them a future. This means we send them to schools nearby and help them to find joy in living a routine daily life. Extra tuition ensures that their learning abilities do not drop behind those of children coming from good families. We also give them additional classes in singing and dancing and try to pray with them and thus lead them to find joy in God. This apostolate demands of our sisters enormous patience, love and care.

Rural hospital for poor indigenous people

In Sendhwa, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, we maintain and manage a large hospital which belongs to the diocese and was built by MISEREOR.

The inhabitants of the area are mainly Adivasisexternal link:, indigenous people, who belong to the poorest in India and live under primitive conditions.

The hospital also has a school for nursing aids (ANM), a boarding house and 2 schools for poor Adivasi children. Many of the poor are now working as nurses, teachers, doctors or in other jobs. Their social status has improved considerably.

At present we are extending the clinic with more private rooms. Income from treating rich patients will hopefully contribute to helping the poor in their medical needs.

Fear of attack

We also manage a hospital in Asam. People here are suffering from malaria and leprosy which means that our hospital is known as a malaria hospital. Since ethnical minorities are causing trouble in the region, the sisters also live in constant fear of attack. They often do not know whether the people coming to the hospital are real patients or simply criminals.

You want to ease the needs of people in India and support our work?

Please pay your donation into the following account

Bank: Sparkasse Köln/Bonn
Account Holder: Augustinerinnen e.V. IBAN DE40370501980010612950
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Since our congregation is a recognised charitable registered society, you are tax exempted. If you need a receipt for your donation, let us know your full address.

We usually send the receipt at the end of the financial year along with our Christmas letter from India.

Help for those suffering from leprosy

In Sendhwa / Madhya Pradesh we run the leprosy colony "HARSHA NAGAR".
Further mission stations in M.P. are in Pendarnia, Punasa, Suklyia/Indore and Pansemal. All their social services are connected to one another.

Hilfe für Lepra-Kranke

Hilfe für Lepra-Kranke
Hilfe dank plastischer Chirurgie

Hilfe dank plastischer Chirurgie

Plastic surgeons from "Doctors Without Borders" have been able to provide patients who have been disfigured through accidents or illnesses with an improved quality of life.


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