Times of Change: from 1994

In 1994, the order was divided into two provinces. On 28th August 1994, the province of Germany (including St. Vith) was founded, followed by the province in India on 19th November of the same year. Both provinces have an autonomous management but are, at the same time, under the jurisdiction of the General Team in Heisterbach, Königswinter.

Die Krankenpflege ist ein Schwerpunkt der Arbeit

Since 2002, the Generalate of the cooperative is located in the former convent Heisterbach.
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At the time of this regionalisation, the Indian province had twelve branches with a total of 100 sisters who had taken their vows. The German province of the time also had twelve convents with 233 sisters.

Since then, the sharp decline in the number of sisters in Germany has led to the closure of further convents, to a re-structuring of facilities and to a relinquishing of institutions. In order to be able to keep some of the facilities, jurisdiction was passed on to the newly founded "Foundation of the Cellites e.V." in 2001. This foundation had been specifically called to life for this purpose and has its seat in Kartäuserhof/Severinsstraße in Cologne.

A sign of the continuous change taking place within the community was almost certainly the election of an Indian Superior General. The General Chapter's choice of Sister M. Celine Kizhakeveliyil in November 2007 meant that, for the first time, an Indian was given the leadership over the entire congregation - as successor to Sister M. Wiltrud Möring, who had died six months earlier.

Foundation of the Cellites e.V.

The 1st January 2001 was certainly one of the most important days in the eventful history of the congregation. The sisters passed responsibility for the work they do, which had been started in 1838, to the Foundation of the Cellites e. V. and thus into the hands of the lay.

This foundation is now the body responsible for three catholic hospitals in the city of Cologne. In addition, the foundation manages the charitable Marienborn GmbH, with a psychiatric specialist hospital and attached social-therapeutic facilities as well as centres and nursing homes for the elderly. The foundation is also active in the care of children and training young adults.

The foundation considers its mandate and responsibility to lie in the continuation of the charitable welfare tasks in accordance with the motto of the founders: "Just be there".

Giving up a job which has been founded through unconditional devotion and blessed by God is a prototype of Christian existence. It is based on the words of Jesus:
"one sows and the others reap"
(John. 4,38)

Stiftung der Cellitinnen e.V.

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