The job and the vocation as a woman of the order now certainly presents a special challenge.

A concept of life which is devoted entirely to God and serving others alienates many people today. However, we sisters understand a life in the order as a gift and an answer to the calling of God. In a time in which a great deal of emphasis is placed on self-realisation, we experience that "the person in you becomes me" (Martin Buber). We experience this "you" in discussions with God and in our loving service for others, particularly in turning to the poor and ailing.

Life as a Sister of the Order

A life as a sister of the order is both a talent and a task. Whoever recognises that God has called him/her to this form of life, can find fulfilment in it, but cannot finish the task in his/her lifetime. Just as marriage is not entering a protected habour but setting sail for wide waters, so is a life in celibacy, poverty and obedience in the community a continual challenge. Support can be found when, along this path, there are orientation guidelines.

The basis for our togetherness and mutual support is the rule of St. Augustine. But his disciples are also a model and an archetype for us.


Anyone interested in being accepted into our community and following our path should possess the following pre-requisites:
A positive attitude to believing and praying, a willingness and ability to lead our joint way of life and to perform our tasks.

In order to effectively fulfil our contract within the church and the world, the sisters receive vocational training related to their abilities and capabilities. After 2 to 3 years of preparation and trial in the mother house, the novice then binds herself through her vows to the community for an initial period. The commitment for life follows five year later.

Whoever feels God's calling for this type of life is moved by many questions:

  • Is this really my calling?
  • Is this really my path, or is it the path God wants me to follow?
  • Can I envisage a life according to the evangelical counsels?

If you want to clarify these and other questions for yourself, you are cordially invited to come and live with us for a while.

We look forward to your request...

Aim of our community

Bringing healing to the life of humans with special emphasis on the ill and those suffering and pushed to the edge by society.

Our Charisma

Moved by the merciful love of God, we answer the signs of the time.

Hl. Augustinus

"Above all you should love God, and thus your neighbour." St. Augustine

Augustine of Hippoexterner Link: www.wikipedia.de

Die Augustinunsregelexterner Link: www.augustiner.de
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Augustinunsregelexterner Link: www.wikipedia.de

Daily Life

The normal day of the sisters is no longer subject to extremely strict rules. It is adaptable to the work and tasks of the sisters. Praying and the community are at the centre of the order's life.


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