Just be there

"This motto is the guiding principle for the life of our sisters. Using it, we want to express what has shaped the activities of our congregation: just being there for others - unconditionally and without reservation.

This willingness to serve others grows from our awareness of our responsibility, especially for the ill, those in need and the elderly. Such willingness has been a particular characteristic of Christian charity (caritas) throughout the centuries.

Addressing his congregation in Corinth, Paul the apostle wrote 'Love does not look for its advantage', (Corinthians 1: chapter 13, verse 5). Augustine added, 'Love gives what it owns'. Yes, it gives its most valuable possessions: its ability, its power, its time and itself.

Accordingly, we want to continue to carry on 'just being there' - being there as a community in the succession of Christ and standing in his name in the service of others. Whether, in the future, we can continue to fulfil this expectation, does not, of course, only depend on us. We need now - as in the past - people who support our work for those close to us. We also need the understanding of the people in whose midst we live."

Schwester M. Nikodema Rützenoff, Superior General 1972-1996

...according to Saint Augustine's rules

As a community of sisters, we live according to the rule of the order of St. Augustine, who wrote them down in 391. This means a life in unity and community of property.
This rule has been used by many orders as a basis for their co-existence, even when this is not always evident in the name of the order. Colloquially, the Cellites according to the rules of St. Augustine have, with time, simply become the Augustinians.

Together with all Augustinian communities, we are part of a federation which has been part of the globally operating Augustinian order since 1951. This has meant that since 1987 our name now has the addendum OSA (Ordo Sancti Augustini)

This rule provides important corner stones and serves as an orientation in response to the challenges of the time.

In comparison to the so-called contemplative or introspective orders, we are an "active order". This means that, in addition to periods of prayer and service, charitable works play a large role in our life style and rhythm.

In our life as women of the order, there is no separation between belief and our daily lives. Praying and working are one. Prayer carries our work, in which we are often faced with extreme human need. Our spiritual life gives us the power necessary to be there completely for those we meet when serving the ill and elderly and in our support for people in material and social poverty.

"Love - an exquisite word - an exquisite act.
We should not promise it in every hour but we should have it at every hour in our hearts.
Love and do what you want. If you are silent, be silent out of love. If you are talking, then talk out of love. Humans who do not have love are a burden to each other. But those who have love carry one another." Augustine

Daily life

The normal day of the sisters is no longer subject to extremely strict rules. It is adaptable to the work and tasks of the sisters. Praying and the community are at the centre of the order's life.

Here is an example of a normal day:

05.30 Laudes, Morning prayer
06.00 Hl. Mass
06.45 Joint breakfast
07.00 Start of work
12.15 Midday hour
12.30 Joint lunch - rest
15.00 Work
18.15 Rosary, Vespers
19.00 Joint evening meal


To nurse and care for the ill and suffering in the public hospital - the poor house of the city of Cologne.


To bring healing to the lives of others with particular emphasis on those who are ill, suffering and pushed to the edge by society.


Moved by the merciful love of God, we answer to the demands of the time.

Hl. Augustinus

"Above all you should love God, and thus your neighbour." St. Augustine

Augustine of Hippoexterner Link: www.wikipedia.de

Die Augustinunsregelexterner Link: www.augustiner.de
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Augustinunsregelexterner Link: www.wikipedia.de

Together with all Augustinian communities we are part of a federation which has been part of the globally operating Augustinian order since 1951. This has meant that since 1987 our name now has the addendum OSA (Ordo Sancti Augustini).

Augustinian Sisters

The sisters in the Cellite community in India are generally called "Augustinian Sisters". The reason for this: in India the name Cellite elicits no associations whilst the rules of Saint Augustine, thanks to their current relevance, are highly thought of in India.


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